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    Gladwin Adult Education

    3982 West M-61
    Gladwin, MI 48624
    phone: (989) 426-4442
    fax: (989) 426-6035

    (We are located 1 mile west of Gladwin at the corner
    of Chappel Dam and M-61)

    We offer GEDs and high school diplomas for adults who are 20 years and older by September 1st of that school year.  If you are under 20 by that time, please contact 426-7341 about attending Gladwin High School or Gladwin Alternative Education, depending upon your needs.

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      GED: General Educational Development

      The GED is a battery of tests that measure proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing. Passing the GED test gives those who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credential. We allow students to study for the GED at your convenience and around your schedule.  Students at Gladwin Adult Education use the computer program Plato as well as GED study books.

      Gladwin Adult Education offers a FREE education, given students put in a minimum number of hours.  There is also the option of paying to take GED tests without becoming a student.  Tests are currently $45 per test and there are 5 tests.

      There is a new GED test coming in 2014.  After December of 2013, all GED tests will be wiped clean and you will need to start your GED over.

      Please watch the video below regarding the new 2014 GED test.

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      Diploma: High School Completion

      Students enrolled at Gladwin Adult Education for high school completion will be completing the Gladwin High School curriculum with Plato and bookwork. You will receive a Gladwin High School diploma upon completion of the required credits, depending on your graduation year.

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        Michael Bailey, Coordinator and Classroom Instructor
        Katrina Shearer, Classroom and Jail Instructor
        Karre Ballard, Classroom Instructor


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          Contact Us:

          Phone: (989)426-4442

          Michael Bailey
          Katrina Shearer
          Karre Ballard